Day 95: Why Do You Try to Be Normal?

Chris wanted to let “us” step in today and give this “talk.” Thank you those who are reading this. Chris tends to diminish the importance of this blog, as if there are “only a few people reading it.” In a sense that may be, yet it still has an impact on those who do read it, even if they are mostly people directly in Chris’s life at this point. And what of it? Is a rocking chair less valuable just because it is in someone’s house and only gets used by the people in the house?

We feel that Chris is way too self-conscious about how he “looks.” (Laughter) We know that is true for a lot of you, too! Instead of living your bliss in freedom, you are concerned with your “legacy,” your “reputation,” “what others will think.” And what good does that do for you? Does it help you thrive in life? Does it help you know happiness? No, mostly it helps you know its opposite.

We think that is ok. One day, somewhere, somewhere hence, maybe somewhere far, far away in a future time when you realize how free you are, you will stop trying to play the game of getting approval from other people.

We think that Chris is doing quite well at this in many ways, yet even he still struggles with this. For instance he is self-conscious about us “writing” this post right now! Yet he is willing!

We think it is remarkable that he is willing! We think it takes courage. We know he has shied away from these “out there” posts written “by Divine Intelligence.” We think he would feel more comfortable just being “normal.” Or at least pretending that he is normal.

He is laughing as he takes dictation from us because he knows how silly it is for him to try to be normal. As if he could be normal!

As if YOU could be, too. Why do you try to be normal? What benefit is there for you? How is it working for you? Does it make a difference to keep up appearances like that? Is it freeing? is it helping you? Does it feel good?

We know the answer to this. You probably do too if you look.

Okay, pause. I needed to pause this. I didn’t consciously “let” anyone step in today and write this instead of me. But I decided to just “turn my brain off” and see what flowed. There ya go.

That was great, Chris! Didn’t you love it!

Um, well it was fine. I don’t know if “love” is the right word. But periodically, this blog seems to be about getting uncomfortable. So here I go today! I guess I’m just not really sure what the value of this post is.

The value? What is the value! What is the value of joy? What is the value of freedom? What is the value of “being who you are?” Is there not value in that?

Yes, I suppose so. Well, I feel uncomfortable.

Yes, we know.

It’s not the first time on this blog, lol. <Sigh>

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