Day 10: We Are Good to Go!

(Note: Our Internet was down for three days, so this post is being posted on July 14, 2022, though I wrote it on July 12, the day I consider it “published”)

Okay, so here we are at Day 10 of my renewed 365 Day Blog Project.  Honestly, even after starting this up again I wondered whether I actually wanted to do it. As it happens, I had repeatedly started and stopped this blog several times before, including at the beginning of the year.  I guess these starts and stops made me a bit unsure about committing to a daily post. I also wondered if I was I really behind doing it for 365 days in a row. Was I fooling myself?

My answer came as I worked on my post on Day 5. I was writing about Cryptocurrency and sharing my opinion that not only does not it seem to be a good investment, but also that I wonder if there is a Crypto bubble about to pop. While I was writing this, something happened for me: I found I was enjoying myself.  I thought, “Wow, this is… still fun!”

And I thought, “I guess I really AM doing this daily blog thing again, after all!”

There’s something about writing on here that feels like freedom, like an absence of pressure.  It feels like I get a free pass from worrying AND I get to share my thoughts with the world, which I do enjoy. It’s a lovely thing, like coming up for air. I seem to get a break from my own mind. I don’t need to censor myself, I don’t need to strategize, I don’t need to play a part for anybody else or for any other cause than my personal expression.

It is indeed a perfect match.

And that’s why, I’m happy to say that, as for the daily blogging, we’re good to go 🙂

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