“the Inner Loon” (poem)

It acts like it's on my side
Yet it judges me that I'm less
It's focused on fear and lack
It must want me out of whack

It has trained me well
I barely know it's here
Yet I recognize its stink
In unhappy thoughts I think

Why believe its lies?
Why let it manipulate?
I wish I'd say I didn't 
But it keeps itself so hidden

Working in the background
I forget what it is
I forget its trickery
Until it's gettin' me

Awareness is my tool
To come back to the truth
It's what I use to grow
And let the nasties go!

I'm not fooled for long
I always find my way
A million happy thoughts are mine
They help me get back in line!

So what's a moment or two
Of confusion to me?
It'll be over soon
This visit from the Inner Loon

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