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Look at Us Now!

Today is the first day of November. It’s a new month and I have decided (haven’t I?) that I shall blog this month. Of course, I have learned that being flexible with myself is always a good idea with this blog, especially when it comes to new months, new “re-ups” of my commitment to daily blogging. So I shall wade into these November blogging waters and see how it feels. But here I am on the 1st and I am reasonably happy to be writing this.

I remember when I was a senior in high-school and I took the AP English test, as well as the AP European History Test. I had been terrified of taking my first AP test the year before: AP American History. Consequently, I had dedicated myself to that class to an extreme degree, working hours and hours every day until I got the class under control. I worked harder for that class than I could ever remember working (perhaps for anything). The results were more than satisfactory: I aced the AP test!

Maybe it was the momentum I built from being an obsessed workaholic. Or maybe I was just smarter by my senior year. But I aced both of my AP tests senior year, too. In fact, they were easier than the first one had been. By that time, I was coasting on a lot of acquired experience and new abilities.

It’s funny how sometimes things work out so much better than you first thought they would. My perception of the difficulty of my first AP test motivated to become a stellar student. By the time I got to my 2nd and 3rd AP tests, I brought those new skills along with me, thus re-defining what was my norm.

I’m not exactly sure why I’m writing this on a Sunday night. But maybe it’s because we are all on a journey of growing. There was a time where tying our shoes or riding a bicycle seemed difficult.

Look at us now!

So if you haven’t recently, perhaps you would enjoy stopping and thinking about the things you get done without ever thinking about it. Whether you are raising kids, writing a dissertation, teaching a class, running a company, or handling any of the responsibilities that come with being a full-fledged person in our world, I’m sure your accomplishments are significant 🙂

But do you stop to take notice?

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