Breaking the Habit of Being Myself

I’m a big fan of the idea that people can change their habits. I love the idea that we can “break the habit of being ourselves,” as Joe Dispenza has said. Forming positive habits is a topic I have devoted numerous blog posts to, including these:

Currently, I am changing the habit of how (and who) I be at my computer.

You see, I have a new computer. It’s the same type as my previous computer–an Imac–currently located at the same place that my previous computer occupied for years. In fact, I used my last computer for 9 1/2 years. You could round that up to an entire decade. And while there’s a lot of great memories with that computer, there is also quite a lot of baggage: memories of “unfinished business” or unmet expectations I put on myself, memories of challenging (yet beneficial) ordeals I grew from going through.

And there were lots and lots of unsorted files 🙁

Basically, the previous computer got to be a psychic weight that I could do without.

I needed a fresh start.

Getting a new computer is providing me with one 🙂

I have a document on my new computer that reminds me of the new me. At the top of it I wrote:

I am Satisfied, Empowered, Inspired, Intentional, Overjoyed, Open, Positive, and Creative. I am having FUN. I love Inspired Work :).   Appreciation, Joy, Well-Being, Ease, Satisfaction.  I love my collaborations. I love having fun.  Abundance.

This reminds me of how nice it is to feel light, to have a clean slate, and to have freedom to start anew.

It reminds me to dwell in possibility, to speak from the reality of what I want to create, and thereby draw that new reality to me.

So here I am sitting at this new device. Much of the surrounding is the same. It’s at the same location. Yet the thoughts I am practicing are new. My focus is new. My intention is new. I am thinking thoughts of joy and empowerment.

I’m breaking the habit of being myself.

And it feels good 🙂

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