Appreciation (Still) Never Gets Old

As we were out all day and I nearly forgot to post this, I will keep it simple. Tonight I shall make a(nother) list of things I am appreciating:

  • How easy (and quick) it is to write a list of appreciation
  • That our trip today was smooth and fun, by and large
  • My burrito! And food (and drink) generally
  • Tonight reading more of “Where Crawdads Sing” (not quite the title… almost done with the book)
  • Enjoying time with my mom
  • Our cat Leeloo being affectionate, companionable, and hungry (it’s always a good sign when your animal eats, especially compared to the alternative)
  • My planned run tomorrow 🙂
  • Adjusting my goals for our net worth to account for some recent spending
  • Our Investments (which give me a sense of excitement and possibility, as well as peace of mind)

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