“The Trusty Jog” (Ode to Running)

A few days ago I blogged about how much I am appreciating my runs these days as a mental uplifter to set me up with a good day.

Tonight I got poetic on the subject šŸ™‚

"The Trusty Jog"

I got caught up in a murky thought
But that's okay, I'm not distraught
It's a strange mood, but I know it'll end,
I'll wait it out, time is my friend

A night's rest will do me good,
Then a morning run through the neighborhood
While the cool air is still so sweet
I'll take Communion in the city street

The breeze will lighten me, carry me through
What's a murky thought or two?
Freedom is beckoning, there's no reason to fear
Well-being abounds, I feel it near

That's why I'm clear, and it really doesn't matter
If I experience some weird mental chatter
I can withstand my head in a fog
Because I am saved by The Trusty Jog!

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