My Music Career Takes the Non-Attachment Test

I repeatedly hear about the futility of being attached to outcomes in life. In fact, attachment seems the surest way to suck all the fun out of something. I have learned this hard way again and again, especially in my music career. In fact, one of the primary benefits of this blog has been that I get to be creative in a way that is fun for me… ie, free of attachment!

Fortunately, when it comes to music, there are quite a few areas where I have excelled; that is, where my desire translated into successful execution and I enjoyed the experience and the outcomes*. This sounds like non-attachment to me. Let’s see if they pass the test.

These areas are:

  • music composition
  • piano accompaniment
  • private piano shows (private functions, house concerts, and retirement homes)
  • teaching piano
  • being in a rock n’ roll band
  • writing love songs for my wife
  • writing for musical theater

Okay, let’s look at each of these!

Music Composition:

I love writing music. It is so fun! I have written a lot of music. I look forward to pleasing new opportunities unfolding around writing music.

Non-attachment test: Clearly no attachment here! Just appreciation and anticipation.

Piano Accompaniment:

While I never aspired to accompany singers, I always fell into it naturally. I’m good at it. I have played a lot of plays, I have taught a lot of singers. I got the skill set, and the love of musical theater especially that this fits for

Non-attachment test: No attachment! In fact, a bit of indifference, but that comes across as open.

Private Piano Shows:

I have had a lot of fun playing for hundreds and hundreds of audiences over the years, from house parties to retirement homes. Lots of fun, lots of good times, lots of happy audiences. I thrive off a personal connection in a comfortable environment.

Non-attachment test: No attachment here! Just confidence and appreciation.

Teaching Piano:

Teaching piano has been a god-send. I love it. I love working with students. It is a great source of joy, of creativity, of contributing to others, and of community. It also feels good to be a mentor, a natural role for me.

Non-attachment test: Indeed, no attachment. Lots of appreciation and ownership.

Rock n’ Roll Band:

Some of my biggest and most exciting gigs were in a band. It felt good in many respects. The camaraderie with the other guys in the band was really cool. It feels good to be on a team. Lots of fun in many ways.

Non-attachment test: Nope. Just fun, appreciation, and joy of community.

Love Songs for Wife:

To date, this is has definitely been my most successful ongoing songwriting gig to date 😉 Lots of love expressed over the years, and lots of fun, lots of craftsmanship put into this, and many songs I am quite proud of. Accomplishment, generosity, love, and joy.

Non-attachment test:Definitely not attached. Loving, appreciation, and accomplishment.

Writing for Musical Theater:

Whenever I have done this it has seemed very natural, very fun, and very cool! I love it. Eager to do more!

Non-attachment test:Definitely not. Eager for more, and in my element.

Conclusion: This proves that the things in my music career that have worked the best are things where I feel no attachment to outcome. Instead, I feel a lot of enthusiasm, joy, eagerness, and alignment in these areas.

Kinda makes it easy to say “More please” 🙂

*I just created my own definition of to excel, expressed as this equation:

excelling = desire + successful execution + joyful experience + positive outcomes

Seems a lot like alignment to me 🙂

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