Another Thing to Feel Good About

I wish to shift my focus away from some thoughts that don’t feel good. I wish instead to focus on some that do!

Did you know that you get to choose what you focus on? No one forces us to focus on things we don’t want to focus on. We get to choose.

So why not choose subjects that feel good?

I am going to do that right now. Here are four subjects that feel good for me:

Investing. Reading. Running. Abraham-Hicks.

Okay, let’s elaborate:


I love learning about investing. I love seeing our investments grow. I love thinking that I am becoming a wiser investor. I love the sense of well-being, of peace of mind, and of abundance that comes from thinking about investing.


I get a lot of satisfaction out of reading. Whether it’s a novel, or non-fiction, I learn a lot, and experience other worlds. I enjoy the thought that I’m continually learning, and I also get a sense of satisfaction of the accomplishment of finishing a book.


Running energizes me. Running feels good to me. Running is exciting to me. I love that I run. It’s an important outlet, and I feel free when I run. I feel expansive, and healthy, and successful, and even heroic in a way, doing something that matters to me.


I love Abraham-Hicks. I learn so much from them. They have been so insightful and helpful to me, in the last few months even more than ever. They have been soothing and clarifying, and they are helping me learn how to focus on things that feel good. They feel like a really good, really helpful friend.

Alrighty. So writing about these subjects was pleasant. I can still feel a bit of unpleasantness that made me want to do this exercise, but it has diminished. I enjoy thinking about these positive subjects. I enjoy knowing that I have the power to shift my mood through my focus! It is an awesome skill that everyone can develop if they wish.

Maybe by me writing this, someone who reads it will get inspired to focus on things that make them feel good as well.

Another thing to feel good about 🙂

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