The Return of the Return of the Daily Blogger

It’s June 1st, 2020, and I’m ba-ba-ba-back, baby!

I blogged every day in April and decided to take May off. The allure of the daily blog called to me, though, and by the middle of May, I was already planning on returning for June.

This is not the first time I have re-started up my blog after pausing it. I find that this deliberate approach of on/off approach (kind of like a spigot or kitchen faucet) works for me. And while I’m bogging, the most satisfying practice has been to post each day. Therefore, I am hereby committing to blog each day in June.

Because I love so much to keep track of personal wins, I would like to start by mentioning a few personal successes in May.

Things I’m Proud I Accomplished Last Month:

  • RUNNING: I ran just shy of 120 miles, including a 14-miler, a 16-miler, and my very first 18-miler! Next up will be 20 🙂
  • READING: I finished 3 books, two of which I had been working on since about February. In other words, I got past the Pandemic-induced bewilderment that affected my reading and got back on the horse. One of the books was a very interesting was a fascinating chronicle of the history of human discoveries of all types. I plan to write about it more on an upcoming post.
  • CREATIVITY: I wrote a song with my friend Matt (which you can watch a video of here), composed at least one fully-fleshed out piano composition, and wrote a rough draft of a short-story. Meanwhile, I filled up at least one 100-page composition book with “journaling” type writing.
  • INVESTING: The general investing public (which I’m a part) benefited from another relatively drama-free month for the market. I followed it with interest*, and mostly appreciated* it.
  • MENTALITY/OVERALL HAPPINESS: Overall, I maintained a positive attitude and enjoyed many moments of happiness doing the above things, as well as being with my wife (we’ve gotten into playing cards these past few months), enjoying “The Office” (which I had never seen) and other shows and movies, and taking in my daily dose of inspiration from Abraham-Hicks.

Hello, welcome all, to the best place on the web to go if you want to read Chris’s thoughts. (Well… at least I, for one, generally enjoy it. I hope you get something out of it too.)

It’s nice to be back!

See you tomorrow 😉

*Ok, fine: these are money-related puns 🙂 You caught me…snort, snort.

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