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Musing on Freedom

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the concept of Freedom. When I say this word, I am talking about the Freedom to be, the Freedom to receive, the Freedom to be happy… which at the end of the day is a power that we need to give ourselves.

No one can supply us with this gift, though we can blame others, making up an alibi for our disempowerment. People do this all the time, and largely get away with it, mostly because so many other people are doing it, too. Yet the reality, as I’m learning to see it, is that we either give to ourselves or deprive ourselves of this Freedom.

We do it to ourselves.

We had this Freedom as children, before we were taught otherwise. We feel it when we are happy. We feel it when we are inspired. We feel it when we do something courageous. Then we see our true Worth, and we feel the stirrings of that Freedom.

I believe it is our true nature to be Free. So if we aren’t experiencing that Freedom, we are unhappy 🙁 No biggie. Time will teach us, eventually we get back to wanting to be who we are, which is eternally FREE, FREE, FREE.

Going back to myself, I recently thought to ask myself, “Have I ever truly granted myself Freedom?” Specifically, I have been thinking about my work and career. I thought, “What would it be like if I truly allowed myself total Freedom to have the life I want, the Career I want, the Joy and Ease and Abundance I want?” I know there are floodgates to open. I know that Freedom is calling me. I’m talking about the Freedom to thrive, the Freedom to shine my light, the Freedom to receive great Abundance and Joy, the Freedom to take Satisfaction in all that I do and only do that which brings me Satisfaction.

Lately I’ve been musing on Freedom, and it has been feeling good 🙂

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