“If You Are Ready” (Original Poem)

I wrote this poem tonight, and it reminds me of a similar poem from “Think and Grow Rich.” This is my late-night effort at being staid and literary:

No one knows what happens next
But man will get what he expects
In the end his life works out
To match the things he thinks about

There is a law which governs all
The very big and very small
A universal fact, no less
Which operates from one word: "Yes"

Responding to your every thought
It grants you what your thinking bought
It knows what you believe is true
And that is what it gives to you

It never judges, nor denies
Your wish may be of any size
It's only job is to make real
The things you truly think and feel

So hold the mirror up and see
The person whom you wish to be
And if that person's hard to find
Create that person in your mind!

And you shall use this power too
To make your every dream come true
It's not a challenge to achieve
If you are ready to receive

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