Feeling the Fear and Running it Anyway

So today I was supposed to run a half marathon–my 5th half marathon. But of course, this event, like all public events currently, has been cancelled…. er, postponed, date tbd.

I have been running all year long, but I hadn’t run more than 11 miles at one time. A half marathon, recall, is 13.2 miles. It seemed fitting to take the opportunity today, so I ran my own half marathon, covering a route I have taken many times before–along the American river from Midtown Sacramento and passing Sacramento State.

I got out by 6:45am because I knew it was going to be a hot day. I was very pleased with the result, as I admit I had been slightly nervous about it. Yet I was both physically and mentally ready, and it was a beautiful, affirming, and successful experience.

Not only did I finish my own personal half-marathon-for-one, I also feel I took a stand for health, happiness, and well-being, in the face of this strange time period.

Later on this morning, I was listening to some music and I nearly broke into tears. I realized then that it meant a lot for me to make that run, to not let myself be discouraged or to change my plans because of the circumstances going on, the fear and worry so many seem to be afflicted with.

I heard courage defined as “feeling the fear and do it anyway,” (in fact, there’s an excellent book by the same name, written by Susan Jeffers). Maybe that’s what I did today by taking my run.

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