We Shall Prevail!

If you think this is the end, I have news for you.

They have been saying that for years. They said that back in 2012, because of the Mayan Calendar. Remember that?

Oh yeah, and they said that back in 1999, that the computers were going to crash and all would be lost. Passing from “1-“s to “2-“s in calendar system seemed to be like falling over a cliff of uncertainty. In fact, I personally fell for this, as an impressionable college student prone to worry. Calamity was afoot!

Then there was September 11th.

Then of course there was the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009. There was lots of uncertainty there.

If you look at any time in history, you will see events that inspired fear and uncertainty. No matter how difficult they may have been, somehow humanity got through it.

We shall prevail!

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