Your Creative Path of Least Resistance

Recently I asked myself, “What am I getting out of writing this blog?”

Here are my thoughts:

This blog has been a great way for me to express myself. In some ways, it has been just about the most successful creative project I’ve done.

I spent too long being perfectionistic and worried about “how” to do the things I wanted to do. As a songwriter/music artist/rapper, I had big creative dreams. But I put up a lot of mental resistance. I stressed out and spent a lot of time unhappy or off kilter trying to “get it right.” I wasn’t clear on following my own compass, either, so I often got caught up in trying to please others, or being worried about criticism from them.

My stressful, effort-ful* approach tended to suck the fun out of things. Instead of having fun being creative, I was often distracted, annoyed, or discouraged by the process.

Let’s face it: I was a stress-case.

With this blog, I have been able to give myself the creative freedom to not only to create (which has never been an issue), but also to express myself to others, without the stress that went along with those other projects.

It’s what Abraham-Hicks calls “the path of least resistance.” I’ve been able to write and express myself without all that baggage that sucked so badly. Instead, I’m taking the fun, pleasant, easy way that works for me.

This month, being in self-quarantine, the blog is here for me yet again, a great outlet not only for self-expression but also much-appreciated positive energy at a time when it counts.

The bottom line is, if you are a creative person yearning for an outlet, try to find your Creative Path of Least Resistance!

*By “effort-ful” I mean that I put out lot of effort, worked really hard, but wasn’t stopping to ask myself if I was even doing the right things for me. So I was making it a lot harder than it needed to be instead of starting by being Aligned.

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