A Letter from the Corona Virus to Humanity

Dear Earth’s Humans,

Hi There! I know you have been hearing a lot of me lately. In fact, I’ve gotten hugely popular, in just a few months. I’ve even overshadowed President Trump, and who knew that was possible!?

I just wanted to share a few insights that I thought would be valuable right now. I know that some of you might be a little confused about my intentions during my visit with the human race. Maybe this will help.

So let me tell you why I’m here 🙂

I’m here to remind you of what you care about.

I’m here to remind you that you love your families. I’m here to give you time to spend time with them. Before I showed up, you were way too likely to ignore them, or to get stuck being busy in all those “daily life” trivia that you humans get so easily carried away with. I’m here to remind you how much you value each other, how there is nothing you hold more sacred.

I’m here to remind you of how much you love being healthy. I know, I know. It may not look like it. But I’m here to remind you of what you want. You want health, you want well-being! You want to live in healthy, happy bodies, don’t you? Well, I’m helping to remind you of that.

You see, it’s not the gizmos, and the salary raises, and the trips, and the trappings of modern life that matter to you. It’s health. It’s family. It’s things like good food (don’t I remind you to appreciate your groceries? I sure do!). It’s breathing clean air and watching the sunrise and appreciating friends and seeing the beauty of animals, the joy of nature.

I’m here literally to help you spend more time with your loved ones maybe you have… ever! And if you are by yourself, I’m here to remind you of how much community, connection, and love are important to you, so that you will be more likely to seek those out when I go away.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly of all, I’m here to remind you that you are all in this together. I know how you humans used to be before I came along: you all did your “own thing,” mostly by yourself. And everyone else did “their thing.” And everyone could just keep imagining that they were separate and different from everyone else. Not any more! Now you see how much you are like everyone else! Because everyone else is in the same boat as you! Everyone is sheltered at home! Everyone can’t go out! Everyone else has to wait in line at Costco, too!

Now all of humanity has a shared experience like never before! Sure, you’re always on the same earth, you have Earth Day and recycling containers and “we are the world” and all that…. But you could always find ways to feel separate, to pretend that you weren’t in this together. Am I right? Not any more! Now you know, you’re all in this together!

And that’s the ultimate gift I give you. Because, in order to get through this, you are going to have to collaborate, cooperate, and work together like never before!

Considering all that I am giving you, maybe some day, when I am long gone, you will actually stop and thank me for reminding you of all these things that mattered.

Maybe you’ll thank me for helping to remind you of who you really are.

You are Welcome.


Your Friend,


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