A Heartfelt Connection with My Audience

This afternoon I performed a solo piano show for an enthusiastic audience which I would nearly describe as raving fans. I have performed at this venue numerous times before, and there are always really cool aspects to it, such as:

  • audience members who always get up and dance
  • people who address me by name and clearly look forward to having me back
  • people who sing along with the songs I play
  • people who line up to come and thank me afterword
  • good food always provided πŸ™‚
  • people who come to see me at other performances I tell them about

These are qualities I have learned to expect from this venue (which, by the way, is a retirement home). Yet what made today’s performance especially sweet was the level of response from everyone.

For instance, one song I played had what sounded like an entire choir singing along with me (the song happened to be “I Can’t Help Falling in Love,” by Elvis). I got a hint of what it is like for touring artists who play their songs… and aim their mics out to the crowd, who do all the singing for some numbers!

I was incredibly touched today by the palpably spirited response I saw in the audience. I know I helped to elicit it: not only did I bring my A-game (a combination of showmanship, fun variety of music people grew up with, technical ability, some choice singing, and original music), but I also really brought my heart to them. For starters, I sang the most recent song I wrote for my wife for her last birthday and dedicated it to her. Then, I dedicated a piano piece I wrote to my dad, and talked about how much I love our friendship (and how is actually a music student of mine).

I believe I showed up in mind, body, and spirit, and clearly the audience really felt it! As I said, the reaction was magic. I was extremely moved and honored by it!

I suppose you could say their reaction makes since, given how very inspired and positive I felt going into the show. Yet it was nonetheless a very cool surprise! It was intensely satisfying during moments of that show to feel that the entire room was moved to a heightened state of inspiration!

What a glorious feeling, to have such a heartfelt connection with my audience πŸ™‚

Thank You, Universe!

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