I’m Actually Enjoying This Holiday Season

So I went back on TV yesterday 🙂 I played piano on set “Good Day Sacramento”‘s Christmas Holiday Special, to be aired Christmas morning. I wrote about my last experience going on “Good Day” a year ago. If you read that post, you may notice that I was… way… stressed out… back then.

This time was much easier. I had fun, and most important of all, I was light on myself! And I came out of it satisfied, instead of confused and slightly messed up in my head.

As I deepen my knowledge of Alignment, Law of Attraction, the art of Satisfaction, I have seen again and again how important it is that we be nice to ourselves. It seems to me that you just can’t expect to be happy until you work that one out.

I definitely have been practicing lighter, happier thoughts. At the same time, it was decidedly easy to feel that way, because of the l relaxed mood at the TV station. For one thing, this was not a live recording. Instead, we were recording for a Holiday Special that will be aired on Christmas morning. For another, everyone was dressed in PJs sitting around a couch as if hanging around at home on Christmas. You can’t get more relaxed than that!

So which came first, my relaxed mindset, or the relaxed circumstances I was in, making it easy to feel good? Could it be that my more relaxed mindset attracted the more relaxed circumstances?

Does it really matter? The bottom line is that it felt good. More of that please!

On a side note, there has been a lot going on this past week, as was true last year at this time of year. This past week has been pretty intense:

  • Friday night: performance
  • Saturday: financial workshop with investing group
  • Sunday: caroling party with friends
  • Monday: meeting with a collaborator for a writing project we are doing, teaching some classes, meeting with some other improvisers for an upcoming performance in January
  • Tuesday: Good Day Sacramento TV spot (3 hours), taught two classes, including one with six pianists playing Holiday tunes, followed by Holiday party with said students and others
  • Wednesday, meeting with the director of a musical I’m doing in the spring; scheduling my calendar for 2020

The difference between last year and this? As with being on TV, I’m a lot more relaxed over all! I can honestly say I’m actually enjoying this Holiday Season! Can I get a “Hallelujah!”?

How about you? Are you enjoying your Holidays? Why or why not? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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