Happiness Has Its Own Momentum

It’s funny how being in a good mood–aka happy–helps feed one’s day with positivity.

Today was one such day. I woke up early, and took a 9-mile jog with my running buddy Dave. We enjoyed ourselves, remarking on the beautiful weather (the conditions were ideal for running) and the power of optimism.

Following this, I drove home, at an excellent breakfast, and helped my wife set up for a sale event she had. I then went off to a financial wellness seminar with the investing group I go to. During this, I enjoyed myself enormously, despite being drowsy (probably from my long run). After all, I enjoy discussing investing and personal finances with like-minded individuals 🙂

Following this, members of this group went out to an excellent meal of Chinese food where I enjoyed conversation with today’s speaker and others, while equally enjoying the food.

Following this, I got dropped off where my wife was having her sale event. She too, as it turns out, had an excellent day: she made some new friends, she made some sales of her lovely scarves. I hung out with her and chatted with others (as well as picked a couple of Christmas gifts for her–shh!), and generally had a pleasant time–despite the lingering drowsiness that was with me all day.

Drowsiness notwithstanding, the day was lovely. Optimism and enjoyment reigned supreme. Good food, good company, and good thoughts all fed into each other.

Thank You Universe, I appreciate riding the momentum of happiness!

And now I’m going to lie down 🙂

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