Nothing a Little Music Couldn’t Help With

So today started out sort of strange. In the morning I felt a lot of nervous energy: there was a feeling of being in the flow, of being alive… yet of being slightly off-kilter about it. So a regular mixed bag, partly positive, partly not. I went through my day in this way, and needless to say, it was kind of uncomfortable. I tried meditation. That helped, but still the feeling of discomfort persisted.

At one point this afternoon I sat down at the piano and started playing some of my compositions. Soon I found myself engrossed in what I was doing, studying the music as I would someone else’s piece: like a pianist, practicing the notes to play them smoothly. At the same time, I relished the fact that I wrote it. A sort of pleasant daydreaming ensued as I played.

Somehow in doing that, my mood shifted. Suddenly I was in a calm, appreciative state, engaged with the music I was playing. New cogs were a’workin’ up in my head, these ones creative and inspired.

It reminds me of how powerful our minds are. I wanted to shift my mindset, I was looking for an opportunity. Yet for awhile, it was like I was holding on to the stressful mood.

Until I wasn’t.

And suddenly it was like night and day. Hurrah, the clouds have parted, and the sun shines again.

Turns out it was nothing a little music couldn’t help with 🙂

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