Day 408: The Movie In Your Mind

Hi there.

Chris! We love talking to you. Hello! How are you?

Honestly, a bit tired. I was not feeling that inspired with an idea, so I thought of leaning on Ye Old Higher Self for my inspiration 🙂

An excellent idea! What would you like to discuss?

Um, I don’t know. I guess… well, okay, here’s a question: how do you let go of the past, when you have the habit of thinking about it?

That’s easy, Chris. We know you know that answer to this. You stop thinking about it.

Well, as I asked the question, the answer occurred to me. By stopping putting energy into thinking about the past, or some thing from the past (which presumably is not feeling good) it will start to dissipate. Put your focus on something else and it will continue growing instead. What you focus on expands.

Exactly. So if you want something to expand in importance, than you should think about it. But if you do not want it to expand, what good is thinking about it going to do? It merely keeps alive something that you do not want. What good is that?

It seems that a lot of us do that.

You do! Yet why? How does it serve you? It doesn’t feel good. If it feels good, then keep doing it. But why drudge up something that is best forgotten?

I cannot answer that. It seems a bad habit that a lot of us have. I am dealing with this right now a bit with some experiences I had in my music career. Some “dead weight”–er, the weight of a dead past that is best left forgotten—just doesn’t feel good. I am clear as I write this that I am in the process of letting it go. Yet it’s been a little bit icky the last few days!

It feels good to liberate myself from the past, by re-focusing on what I want! As I understand it, it is always okay to focus on something that feels good… past, present, or future, real or imagined. That will serve me.

It’s like we have a movie in our mind. You can watch a documentary, you can watch an old movie, you can watch a new fantasy movie. It’s your choice. Either way, that’s where your focus goes. Some movies make you feel good, some don’t. Why not focus on the movies that make you feel good!

Or else why go to the movies?

Great analogy, Chris!

Thank you.

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