Day Three-Hundred and…. Wait, We’re Not Doing that Anymore! Or Are We?

Hello! Today is Saturday. I have the final two performances of “Frankenstein” to do today at Franklin High in Elk Grove. It has been an exciting run. Last night my dad, step-mom, and three different students all showed up. People have been appreciating the music, telling me repeatedly that it adds to the story. I have never been more pleased (in a confident, relaxed way) to showcase something that I wrote.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I am running a half-marathon… my 4th (I wrote about my last one here). Incidentally, this is my first ever (!) Fall-time half marathon. A few years ago, it was enough just to attempt one–yes, at the time, it still felt like an attempt–in the spring. Yet, as it happens in running as in other things in life, one expands, and suddenly goals that used to seem hard become normalized, and we can reach for bigger and better (?) things.

I decided to give this post the zany title you see above because, as I sat down to type this, I was struck with a bit of regret. I was missing my numbering system, giving each post a day (“Today is Day 250… Tomorrow will be day 303”)! In fact, I wanted to continue the darn system! Go figure. It’s funny how I can be about little things. But I have learned to listen.

I think I will keep up not numbering the posts. At least for awhile. I do, after all, have an escape hatch, should I decide that numbering these posts is essential to my well-being (ha): I can always pretend that I had numbered all the un-numbered ones and then just start up with the numbering once again.

Should I choose.

But, see, I’m not gonna do that just yet. Because I know how slow I can be to embrace change. I’m gonna try out this new, slightly-radical seeming way of doing things, called not numbering the day numbers of the posts.

If any of this discussion seems ironic, small-minded, or stupid, well, I cannot argue with that. As I said to a friend of mine a few days ago, in many ways I actually think I’m brilliant! At the same time, there is a part of me that can be an absolute bean counter, easily attached to things that probably don’t matter… such as whether I put “Day 399″* etc before each post title, perhaps?

Side note: This post has had a discursive quality that is actually quite common when I journal. I take it to mean that I am quite relaxed, at least, and enjoying myself while writing.

Wish me luck in today’s performances! I am sure I will be updating you on the Half Marathon soon!

*Did you see what I did here? I found a sly, clever way to incorporate today’s would-be day number into the post. Small-minded bean counter scores again!

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