Day 369: Analyze Your Thoughts

When Your Practiced Thought Becomes a Dominant Thought

Whenever you have consistently focused upon a subject, causing a consistent vibrational activation of it within you, it becomes a practiced or dominant thought. And once that happens, things that match it will begin to manifest around your dominant thought. In the same way that your earlier thought was joined by other thoughts that matched it–now things that match your dominant thought will begin to show up in your experience: magazine articles, conversations with friends, personal observations…the attraction process will become very apparent. Once your focused attention has sufficiently activated a dominant vibration with you, things–wanted or unwanted–will begin to make their way into your personal experience. It is Law.

Ask and It is Given, by Jerry and Esther Hicks, p55

Obviously I am a fan of Abraham-Hicks. This is because they, like no one else I have encountered, are just so good at describing the Law of Attraction: how it works, what it consists of, and how to use it for your own happiness and joy. 🙂

The quotation above highlights how your thoughts attract more of that of which your thoughts already consist. Every single day, we are all experiencing this phenomenon, whether we know it or not, because we are constantly attracting things to us by our thoughts.

Yes, I’m talking to you! If you look at your thoughts, really examine what they are focused on, you will start to see the correlation between them and what you are experiencing.

Since I’m my own best guinea pig, let’s look at thoughts going on in my head right now, on several different subjects that are important to me, and we’ll see what I mean.

Thoughts in my head right now/today/recently:

1. Oh shit, I really hope that the folks at the comedy place I go to like me. Do they like me? Do they think I’m rad? If I try out again for the comedy troupe, will I make it? Will it be fun? What will it be like?

Law of Attraction Analysis: Clearly, this is something that matters me. I’m experiencing a little worry, a little insecurity, but also it shows how much I care about it. This is pretty normal social stuff, and it bodes well for my future there, because to me it suggests how hard I will try to do well there. Basically, it looks like I really want to be liked because I see the place as a good fit for me, and that is a great thing.

2. Ever since I told my buddy I was thinking about doing a 20-mile race next year I have been freaking out! I have never run more than 14 miles. I’m suddenly so unsure… Will I do well? Is it healthy for a person to run that much? Thinking about it now already makes me nervous. Am I getting ahead of myself here? I don’t want to look bad, I already said I was thinking of doing it. I want to make sure this is right for me.

Law of Attraction Analysis: Clearly there’s some worry about whether running a 20-miler is right for me, whether it’s healthy, etc. Some fear of taking a risk, and of looking bad. But that seems pretty normal when trying something new. Also, I show that I am willing to think this through. If I end up doing it, I know I will be behind it! This also bodes well.

3. Man, I’ve been going to the cafe a lot! I mean, I really love it there. I usually focus so well, I get my reading done, and I write, and I can plan or gain insight on things I’m thinking about, I do such great thinking there. It is like an office… without needing to do email or work on the computer! I love it so much! Sometimes… I almost feel guilty. I mean, is life supposed to be this good? I feel so indulgent… but also so joyous, and I keep going there because it is working for me, so I shall continue.

Law of Attraction Analysis: Ok, again, clearly I love going to the cafe. There is a lot of satisfaction and joy I get from the experience. Yet there is also a little bit of guilt because it is so fun and effortless, almost like a part of me thinks that life is supposed to be more “work” or something, or not as fun. But there is also determination to keep doing what is working. I think the sooner I let go of that “life is work” mythology the better!

4. Okay, so the stock market went down today again. And by a lot! Holy shit, that was kind of cool. I mean, I feel great about it. I’m curious about what will happen. I anticipate buying more funds at a discount, should things continue to slide. Woo-hoo!

Law of Attraction Analysis: Okay, so here I’m clearly making lemons out of lemonade. But I’m genuinely okay with a stock market slide, because I have trained myself to see the possibilities of buying funds on discount. I use words like “cool,” and “I feel great,” and “curious,” and “anticipate,” and “Woo-hoo!” That says it all. Easy-going and open-minded. I’m in for a fun ride.

5. This Grant book is epic. I am having so much fun reading it. I am repeatedly moved, sometimes to tears, by the portrayal of Grant, and by the awesomeness of the narrative–the Civil War, interactions with Abraham Lincoln, post-war Reconstruction, Grant as a man–I am loving this book. At the same time, this is a long book! Sometimes I do a bit of speed-reading, just to keep moving through it. Gonna be done soon enough!

Law of Attraction Analysis: Clearly I have a lot of enthusiasm for reading this book. I also like history. I also like to keep moving through a long book. I used expressive words like “epic,” “fun,” “repeatedly moved,” “tears,” “awesomeness,” “loving this book.” I sound comfortable and happy. This definitely bodes well for more of the same! Fun reading times ahead…!


I wasn’t shocked by what I found here. I already knew these areas were all working pretty well. Nonetheless, I got a little real, showed my under belly a bit. This shows that I got a lot of different routines or activities that I like doing, that enrich my life, and, I think, that I have a rich inner life (reading, writing, etc). It also shows that I care what other people think of me, whether they like me, and whether I follow through on things I say I’m going to do (like 20-mile runs… eek)

Alright, this seems sort of self-absorbed, analyzing my own thoughts. But who else’s thoughts do I have to analyze?!

Ta ta for now.

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