Day 361: The Plan Moving Forward…

So here we are: Day 361. We all knew we’d get here eventually. One day elapses, a new day begins, soon enough a year has gone by. As far as my 365 Day Blogging Project goes, we are nearly complete.

So what next, Chris?

I thought you’d never ask šŸ˜‰

Here is where I’m at:

  • I love doing this blog.
  • Doing a daily blog post has worked extraordinarily well. Strange as it may seem, this might be the most successful creative project I have ever done, at least in terms of being continually inspired to do it, enjoying the process with a minimum of stress, and feeling satisfied and fulfilled throughout the process.
  • I definitely am interested in keeping up a daily blog, yet I think that taking a break from it, at least for a little while, is a good idea.
  • Here are the reasons I am going to do so: 1) To honor the completion of my 365 Day Blogging Project. If I were to just start the next day on Day 366, it almost seems like it would render this commitment somehow less meaningful. I figure a break will serve to tie a little bow around my accomplishment. 2) To give myself a chance to re-set, and open up to making a new plan, which I can then commit to when I choose.
  • The new plan might look like “Year 2 of my 365 Day Blog,” where I basically keep going at Day 366. This actually seems likely, but again, I want to give myself a chance to experience the break and then see what makes sense from there. It could be that I decide to do it for six months, or take it month by month. Or another year. Again, I want to see what makes sense.

Frankly, I am pleased as punch by how well this blog project went! In fact, this is partly why I feel that a break is needed, not because I am tired of writing these posts. On the contrary, I am almost astounded by how fun this has been, and frankly I don’t want to risk fucking it up the positive ju-ju. I figure, the project was set up to be 365 consecutive days of blogging. And so that is what I’m going to do!

After that, we shall see!

Thank you for joining me on this journey. It’s been a blast for me, and I hope you have enjoyed it as well.

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