Day 353: Ever the Renegade (Original Rhyme)

Let's face it, I'm tired.  Yet I'm required
to rap this, my tastes and desires
are made to be fired up everyday that I'm at this,
I'm basically wired to practice,
it takes me to higher exactness,
it strengthens my mind
and it makes me refine what my path is,
the fact is I'm able to shine with these tactics,
My brain is entirely plastics that I shape to designs
that I grasp with imagination and vibrational asking.
My habits created with passion, inspiring action,
An iron dedication I bask in, whether rhyming
raps, writing, or fasting,
I'm lasting past all the past kin who cashed in
all the greatness that life had amassed them,
I'm not braking as I drive on past them.
I'm casting a wide net to catch the goodies
I've asked for, ever the renegade I've
once again strayed from the pasture,
I'm laboring faster but I'm taking my time
so I master each stage in this life,
raising vibrational height to the rafters,
emanating a light from amazement and laughter,
Taking in the sublime forever after,
embracing the next chapter...

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