Day 341: Don’t Just Do Something… Sit There! (Part 3)

There are so many things I would love to want to do. Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s those things that seem like great idea, where I have genuine enthusiasm. “Yes, I would really love to want to do that! I could see how valuable that would be to do!”

The only thing is that the enthusiasm starts and ends with the idea. “Yes, I think that is a great idea… and when I actually want to do it, I will! In the meantime, I don’t want to do that right now. So it will have to wait until I truly am desiring of doing that!”

I used to think there was something wrong with this. I thought it was “lazy,” or “unproductive,” “cowardly,” or “procrastinating.” These days, I’m learning to see it in terms of vibrational alignment.

In other words, while I would love to be in vibrational alignment with certain things, yet when I stop and think about it, I realize that I’m not! Or, more specifically, I’m not yet. Hopefully, one day real soon I will wake up, and–tada!–I will feel that inner impulse that says, “The time is right, Chris my boy, to make this happen!” At which point I will happily pick up that reigns and get those horses moving in that direction.

But a combination of personal experience, self-reflection, and help from sources like Abraham have shown me that trying to force things before I am ready for them does not work! Trust me, I have many years’ experience trying to force: good ideas (usually someone else’s), likely stories, wishful thinking, and grandiose ego-driven dreams.

This doesn’t work.

It’s like that story one reads about in investment circles: “If two people do business together, one with experience and the other with money but no experience, the first usually ends up with the money, while the second ends up with the experience!”

I ended up with the experience alright. It taught me the folly of trying to force things. It taught me that in my impatience, in my lack of self-reflection, I was my worst enemy. Know thyself, that should be Thy mantra! You must be able to distinguish between good ideas that do not match you, and great ones that are perfect for you! I have learned the hard way, many times, that there is a huge difference (Hint: one leads to huge gobs of frustration, even at times misery, while the other one actually usually works).

So, while having an inspiration that something sounds like a good idea is great, thinking that one must act on that idea instantly, or else one is lazy, unproductive, cowardly, or a procrastinator, is a recipe for disaster! Laziness has its place in our lives. This is something I am only recently embracing. Just ask Warren Buffet: he believes in the power of inertia, of not acting, of remaining sitting in a room instead of having to get up and do something!

So do I! Yet it seems I still need to remind myself of this, so powerful can be the old habit of thinking that I must act on every inspired thought or else be guilty of being some kind of inferior human being. This turns inspirations into some kind of game of chicken, a sort of dare with a threat attached to it: act now, or else prove Thou art a Failure!

Poppy cock, I say! Total rubbish (FYI, my wife is watching “Downtown Abby” in the other room, which may explain the quasi-upper-class British expressions appearing in this post). I am smarter than that… now. I am discerning, and I know inspired action from forced action.

I’ll take inspired action from now on. Lacking that, I think I’ll just sit on my butt and enjoy having good ideas that as yet aren’t ready to be more than good ideas.

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