Day 320: Ready to Get to the Fun Parts (Original Rhyme)

These days much of my life is spent in Joy
Like when I was a boy playing with toys,
An attitude of gratitude and appreciation,
Like living a daily vacation

Yet sometimes it seems that I can relapse
And suddenly life feels like the craps
My brain takes over with it's negative thoughts
And my strings are tied up in knots

Blah! That is not how I wish to be
But there I am struggling, missing the key
that would make me free, wallowing
like a lost kid, and it's not even Halloween

and I'm haunted. I think I'll pass
Living-in-misery, my ass!
This is not what I signed up for
I gotta find my core, I didn't come here

to wind up sore, gored and kind of bored
Please, help me make my mind up, Lord!
I'm ready for mirth, you bet that I'm worth
the best that this Earth can provide a poor

unfortunate fool with a good heart,
God, please give me a fresh start!
I'm eager to live, with plenty to give,
Ready to get to the fun parts!

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