Day 271: I think I’ll go with what feels good.

Hello and Good evening! Welcome to our “seance”! Well, I don’t truly mean that, I’m mostly playing. Yet I do mean, welcome to our inspired session where I will type out these inspired thoughts that come from a “higher place.”

What is this inspired place, you say? Is it my imagination? Is it my brain? Is it my ego claiming to have all the answers, as if I am better than everyone else? What do you think?

Does it really matter? I would say that it does not. I would say that what matters is, what is the effect of what I’m writing on people who read it? What is the emotional tone it takes on? Is it calming, relaxing, inspiring? If so, perhaps we can say that it is beneficial. Is it caring, loving, generous? Again, this seems to be beneficial.

Everyone is constantly vibrating. They are sending out their thoughts like a radio transmission tower, and those thoughts work to manifest in their life. What is the tone of those thoughts? If your thoughts are “positive”—happy, trusting, generous, kind, creative, loving, inspired–well, you are going to attract back to you more thoughts like that.

On the other hand, if your thoughts are “negative”–frustrated, depressed, discouraged, annoyed, angry, blaming, judging–you are likely to attract more of that.

Let me be clear that there is nothing wrong with any thoughts. Sad thoughts may be mixed with loving thoughts. Angry thoughts may spur you on to greater happiness. There is relief in anger when it is used instead of depression.

The point is that you are emanating constantly with your thoughts, and attracting back what you emanate. If you think of your five closest friends, and you look at their thoughts and attitudes, don’t those thoughts and attitudes match up perfectly with how they live? with the results they produce in their life? Surely you will see a correlation between thoughts and results if you look.

And so it is for each of us. When I write this post, I am doing it with the intent to be inspired, to raise my thoughts to a place where I can say something constructive, intelligent, or otherwise “positive.” I’m not merely using this blog to dump my thoughts… I have filled many dozens of journals with such things for many years. It served me because it helped me gradually get happier, yet it often wasn’t fun. And it definitely usually wasn’t something I wanted to share with others.

It’s funny. People have a tendency to think that we should look at what is “real.” Even when it is scary, depressing, or unhappy-making, somehow it is considered appropriate to spend our time focused on unwanted things. It’s like deciding that because there is a hole filled with watery mud in the ground that we had better put all our attention on it. After all, it is there! It exists! You can’t deny it!

Yet who wants to stare at a hole of mud?

I’m not denying that “bad” things happen. Instead, I’m denying that it is better to focus on the bad things. Why should I focus on what feels bad? Maybe if it feels bad, then it is bad!

And if this is somehow not correct, but if I’m happier in the process, well maybe I don’t really care about being correct. Maybe I care more about being happy.

I think that should be what matters.

Whoever decided that focusing on miserable things is more virtuous or better… well, I think they were seriously fucked up. It doesn’t sound better to me. It sounds miserable. šŸ˜‰

I think I’ll go with what feels good.

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