Day 268: Eyes looking forward…

Okay, so today is Day 268. That’s 267 prior days of me writing each and every day. I have written about topics as diverse as: recycling cans and bottles, running, Law of Attraction, The Power of Now, my thoughts, The Shawshank Redemption, My Higher Self, intermittent fasting, my thoughts, hanging out at the DMV for my birthday, Abraham-Hicks, Thoreau, my thoughts, going to the laundromat, performing, and my thoughts. Okay, so that list was somewhat of a gag, considering that I listed “my thoughts” four times. That might be a somewhat self-deprecatory way of saying that each of these blog posts are really just my thoughts at any one point in time.

But how is this blog any different than what goes on for anyone else? What comes out of our mouths (or what we type into a computer and then post) is always a reflection of our thoughts at the time. In a way, Facebook is merely a long, vast stream of different people’s thoughts, thoughts they thought were important enough to share at the moment they had them. And so, each day of this blog is like a daily snapshot–usually cropped, clipped, or pertied up for public consumption–of what is going on in my brain.

As I said, I don’t think this is really that different from how everyone operates. What makes this different for me is that I am allowing it all to be out here, “for all to see.” That’s what makes this blog so different from anything else I have put out: I’m just not letting myself obsess too much about it. Especially since I started my 365 Day Blogging Project, I have just stopped looking back. Each day is a new day, and with that comes a new post.

It feels good to have my eyes looking forward, instead of on the rear.


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