Day 262: Birthday Manifesting Crash Course at the DMV

(photo credits: Charr Crail)

So today is my birthday. Despite the odd smattering of mundane events that occurred, today has been rather cool. Allow me to elaborate:

  • My wife and I got up at 6am to go to the DMV to renew our IDs. Thought at first I was not looking forward to it, as I got ready I quickly got into the swing of things, feeling more like this was an adventure than a chore. After all, it’s not every day that one gets to go to the DMV! Going with my wife helped make it all the more fun.
  • We got there nice and early (that’s what the first picture on top is, taken by my wife: us early birds in line outside the Sacramento DMV). As we waited, I read over a “crash course on manifesting” that I pulled out of a folder this morning (That’s what I was doing when Charr took the picture of me looking up with my glasses). I very much enjoyed perusing this material and will say more about it below.
  • When I got to the window for my ID renewal, I told the man there that it was my birthday. He leaned over and asked a woman across from him if she would sing “Happy Birthday” for me. She did, and very well! I now can brag that someone who works at the DMV sang me “Happy Birthday!”
  • When we returned to the DMV to finish my wife’s paperwork for her ID, I sat and read a novel (which was really short, and which I literally finished in about 2.5 hours… Stephen King’s “Elevation,” which is really like a short novella)
  • We brought home pizza. ‘Nuff said.
  • We enjoyed being together throughout.

You know, it may be fairly modest, but the fact is, I had fun at each and every turn of this trip. Sure, there was a moment at the DMV where some guy in line was complaining about having to be there, and it kind of brought me down. But then I snapped right back into by reading inspirational Abraham-Hicks memes on my phone. Next thing you know, the DMV lady sang to me. Clearly I had stayed locked in.

One of today’s lesson is that, as far as birthdays go, I would rather be doing something I enjoy (even going to the DMV!) than doing something I didn’t! I mean, it could be worse: at least I was enjoying myself. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

More on the crash course on manifesting: this morning as I was gathering up ID documents for the DMV, I happened upon a printout I made a long time ago of a “Crash Course on Manifesting,” something that an internet user posted on a Forum I used to follow. As I waited in line outside the DMV, I enjoyed read through this document for the first time in many years. In fact, I probably understood it much better than I ever had before.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it mentioned Abraham-Hicks! Back in 2002, I was not very familiar with them at all. But looking over it today, I felt the perfection of it all. Of course this document would include reference to what has become my greatest Law of Attraction teacher. 😉

Furthermore, I had a moment of recognition as I read the following:

Becoming a vibrational match to the subtle feeling qualities of having what you want.

You do this by becoming a child again – by pretending, imagining, and becoming lost in a world that you create.

“A Crash Course in Manifesting — Living with Joy,” from “the 101st monkey,” unknown poster at “” forum page, year 2002.

Suddenly, in reading this quote, it hit me: I looked around and thought, “Everyone has to go to the DMV… rich people, famous people… anyone. I could literally be anyone, in any circumstances.” Suddenly my life circumstances didn’t matter. Standing in line at the DMV, I could literally be going back to any house, or off to any cool event or experience. The sparks flew in my mind and connected: suddenly I saw the limitless possibilities. Aha!

I had a moment of recognition of the power of imagination, of the power of “becoming lost in a world that you create.” I have been thinking a lot about this recently. In Law of Attraction circles, they talk a lot about visualization. Visualization is basically using your imagination to visual what you desire. As I stood in line at the DMV, it clicked for me how possible it is to literally visual myself in any circumstances, since I was standing somewhere that was completely removed from my daily life, and I could literally be coming from anywhere.

And with that imaginative leap, I discovered a new manifestation tool: imagining I am coming from completely different circumstances–whatever I want those to be–whenever I am out and about.

Happy birthday to me 🙂

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