Day 260: So Many Things to Enjoy

There are so many things to enjoy: I enjoyed going to the Virtual Reality arcade with my buddy Dave today. I enjoyed today’s food: my burrito at lunch, my Subway sandwich after the arcade, the two fat bombs I had at home, and my bowl of yogurt with fruits and nuts. I enjoyed my walk to my music rehearsal this morning.

There are so many things to enjoy.

Enjoyment is the key. What are you enjoying? What is going well? That is where to look. I enjoyed taking a nap this afternoon, even though I woke up a bit groggy… to be honest, I enjoyed that too! I enjoyed handling an email from a student this morning. I have enjoyed a quiet afternoon and early evening at home since coming back from the Virtual Reality arcade.

I enjoy that I am going back to reading books: I finished a back last week, and am in the middle of two others! I appreciate that the break I apparently needed from non-fiction books is over.

After an intense 8-mile run yesterday morning, which was grueling because of the heat even though it was only 8am and cool by Sacramento summer standards, I am enjoying not running today. I bet I shall enjoy my run tomorrow!

I am enjoying sitting in the cool of the room with the lights turned off as I type this.

There are so many things to enjoy.

I am enjoying all the great memes and quotes that are appearing on my phone these days via the Facebook Abraham Hicks page I joined. They are often so inspirational and helpful. I am enjoying the thought of all the clarity I am gaining on Law of Attraction concepts.

I enjoyed shooting orcs with my bow and arrow this afternoon with my buddy Dave in a medieval kingdom supplied by a Virtual Reality arcade.

I am enjoying knowing how to shift my thoughts into alignment. I am enjoying new thoughts, inspirations, and attitudes coming from a greater awareness of my own power to control my mood.

As I said, there are so many things to enjoy.

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