Day 259: How to Receive

These days I’m really looking for every chance I can get to “get into alignment.” If you are familiar with Abraham-Hicks, you no doubt have heard that phrase a lot, as well as similar phrases like “be in the receiving mode,” or “reach for satisfying thoughts.” Of course, I have written a bundle about reaching for satisfaction. All in all, my personal philosophy these days is more and more resembling a course on Abraham-Hicks style Law of Attraction concepts.

This week, the idea of “being in receiving mode” really clicked for me. What this idea means is that when you have things you desire (and we all do), the best way to attract them to you is to be free of any resistant thoughts about them. You want to be allowing what you ask for. You want to be open to receiving it. So you want to be in receiving mode.

The funny thing about receiving mode is that what you are doing may have nothing to do with doing the thing you may be desiring. You could be sitting by the duck pond, looking at the ducks, or going to the movies, or sitting at a cafe, or talking with a friend, and if you are in a positive space, you are probably in receiving mode. It’s basically the idea that you want to do whatever you can to feel good.

When you feel good, you are attracting more good things to you! It’s that simple. If you are enjoying a taco and chatting pleasantly with a loved one, well, you could be attracting all the other things you want too at that very moment!

It’s because like attracts like. Good-feeling thoughts attract more good-feeling thoughts, which yields tangible good-feeling manifestations (although thoughts themselves are tangible manifestations too, even though people tend not to realize that). When you are in receiving mode, you are open, you are enthused, you are alive, you are loving. Basically, you are happy, and you are enjoying what you are doing. This tends to produce more experiences to enjoy.

We all have been there: you’re in a good mood, you are enjoying yourself, and then–lo and behold–another cool idea hits you, and then you go to that experience, and you have fun–suddenly you are on a roll! What does this mean really? It means you are attracting more good things. You are open to receive.

Happiness begets happiness. If you wish to attract and receive all the good things you desire (and who doesn’t?), then you want to, as much as possible, be doing and being things that also feel good.

Pretty simple, right?

Then why isn’t this common knowledge? Lol… you got me! I have no idea. But I sure am glad that I am gaining this knowledge!

Maybe this blog post helps you in some way as you too become an excellent receiver. In fact, I’m feeling good just thinking about that.

I must be on the right track 🙂

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