Day 254: “Tonight I’m Skipping School” (original rhyme)

Could I please not write? Could I please not think?
Tonight I don't feel like being my own personal shrink
On this blog where all I do is personal commentary,
I'm getting long and wary to be always sharing.
It's not a problem, really, but tonight I'd rather not
I'd rather sit by the pool or nap in a cot.
I'd rather  just sit around, interact, do something fun,
That's what I plan to do when this damn post is done!
I don't always want the spotlight to be on me,
Tonight I'm feeling ornery, there's urgency upon me
To finish up my daily offering, it bothers me,
This job is hanging on my head, I want it off of me. 
I'm whining awfully, but no apology,
This blog is the best thing I've done since college, see.
I'm just acknowledging that I'm human too,
and this is my human view wanting this to be through.
Why do you think I wrote a damn rhyme tonight?
Maybe I wanted to write something easy and light.
Maybe I wanted the night off, maybe I thought I might nod off,
or cough if I forced another round of the Personal Growth Prof.
Tonight I'm skipping school, tonight I'm failing classes,
Tonight the act of failing passes, I'm sailing pass this,
I'm glad that this blog is that rad that in my post
I can act mad about writing in it, hey, it ain't that bad!
This is my space, it's my turf...
Sorry, I just left my chair, ran outside, I'm throwing a Nerf...

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