Day 216: Why I am Optimistic These Days

These days I am quite optimistic about my ability to clear my mind and focus on the positive. Even if I am experiencing negative moods or thoughts that are unpleasant, I now have demonstrated to myself just how powerful my mind is to focus where I want to focus. And I want to focus it onto thoughts that feel good.

I admit, tonight I am in a somewhat somber mood. Been doing a lot of thinking lately about my life (I know… you are surprised to hear this). I have been uncovering a lot of negativity, and programs in my mind that sometimes have taken over my headspace for awhile. These days I am gaining leverage over such moods, yet they still sometimes have their way a bit. Yet what I am starting to see more clearly now is these moods are not inevitable. They are the product of old thought habits, habits of thought that I reinforced for years (without realizing I was doing it). So they became entrenched and automatic.

Automatic thoughts do not easily give sway to other thoughts. Especially our thoughts which have become emotionally hard-wired into our lives. It requires patience, and persistence. Optimism helps.

I have been feeling a lot of optimism recently because of all the great progress I have seen in my own reflections. As I mentioned, even with this murky negative stuff, I am starting to feel a sense of power. At the very least, I’m starting to kick the legs out from that table. Bit by bit I am starting to see progress in my own ability to easily and consistently re-focus onto thoughts that feel good.

It’ll take whatever it takes. I am patient. I am persistent. I got nothing better to do! So I figure, it’s days are numbered. And I am forging my own future premised on having a mindset friendly to my own happiness.

So I am very optimistic, despite the mental storm clouds that might temporarily hang around.

Persist in your determination to enjoy the sun's rays
and in time the wall of doubt and fear must cave
and give way to the joyous clarity that awaits
believe in yourself, happiness is your fate!

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