Day 202: Whole Hog (original rhyme)

When life is a lemon, it's time to make juice
Otherwise the fruit gets old, and what's the use
In old fruit that's rotten and grey?
Man, you shouldn't let that shit decay
You hear what I say? It's good fertilizer
so time to get wiser, and always utilize yer
raw material to create something expressive,
the pain would be less if you just test this.
So I suggest it, utilize your pain
scrutinize your strain before you euthanize your brain,
the truth, it lies within, behind every bullshit lie and sin,
don't roll the die, begin to run your life to win!
the bullshit I was in, got so heavy and so gross,
that when I finally awoke I was ready for the most
brilliant change you could ever imagine,
just imagine me trapped in my brain, scratchin'
to regain my passion, so smashed in the bad shit
I was a basket case askin' for change lastin'
I got past it but I'm still at this
craving the magic, coming out of the cave, frantic
to take a crack at waving my hands in the beauty pageant
I want a turn too, I've waited long enough,
Jaded and sulking, what? I'm playing my song because
I'm able to Walk it Up, I'm raising my moxy up,
I'm Blade Runner walking tough, so amazing to flaunt my stuff.
So these lemons may be bitter, but no bother with that,
I'm swinging the bat, watch me hollar where I spat!
Collar up this rap from the ether as I type
on my blog, going whole hog here in the night!

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