Day 194: Is this thought satisfying?

You could say that the Universe responds to your vibrational offerings, to your point of attraction, to the thoughts you think, and to the way you feel. The Universe is not responding to what has been manifested in your experience, but instead, to the vibration that you are now offering. The Universe makes no distinction between your actually having a million dollars and your giving a thought to a million dollars. Your point of attraction is about your thoughts, not about your manifestations.

Ask and it is Given, p168

Another great quote from “Ask and it is Given.” Recently I have been taking this book to the cafe when I go there to write. I wrote this quote down a few days ago, and then again today when I returned there.

To me, a good quotation can yield pearls of wisdom for a long time. One of the reason I keep this book nearby is because there is so much wisdom in there. I have never read the book cover-to-cover. Instead, I just keep opening it up, following whim or inspiration to find a passage that stands out for me.

What I love about the quote above is that it puts our power squarely in the thoughts we are thinking right now. It is not about the circumstances you are now in, it is about the thoughts you are thinking and the way they make you feel! So you could be in circumstances that are “bad,” and yet, if you feel great, if you are inspired or confident or optimistic, that is more powerful the circumstances you are temporarily in. In fact, those circumstances are likely to make way for something more pleasing.

The million dollar bit is especially fun because the authors are making the point that your thoughts are just as powerful as “reality,” that your thoughts indeed do create reality.

It’s not that thinking of a million dollars automatically brings a million dollars to you. It might. That depends on what the actual content of your thoughts are when you think of that million dollars. One helpful tip is to check in with how you feel when you think of that million dollars? If you are feeling satisfaction or joy, you are probably in a receptive state. Money is probably coming towards you in rich abundance!

On the other hand, if you find yourself getting frustrated, confused, resentful, or annoyed, you are probably thinking of some version of lack. Instead of thinking of receiving a million dollars and being happy for the gift, you may be thinking of lack of money. Or you may feeling that somehow this is not okay, or that there is something wrong with reaching for that money. If that’s the case, you are likely causing yourself frustration and probably are better off thinking of something else that is satisfying.

I know of which I speak because of how much I have done this myself! For many years, I thought I was thinking about money. Too often, however, I was actually thinking about lack of money. I thought I was focused on becoming financially successful, when in fact I was focusing on thoughts of lacking what I said I wanted.

This thoroughly sucked. 🙁

So believe me, I offer these thoughts with complete humility, knowing their power when correctly applied, and feeling the consequences of incorrect application. Now I am seeing what wasn’t working about my thinking.

To go back to the quotation above, the Universe cares mostly about what thoughts you are actually thinking right now. If you think about something, and feel satisfied and happy as you think about it, you are probably attracting satisfying, happy results. You are probably in harmony with what you say you want.

That’s really the key. Again, it’s about reaching for satisfying thoughts. “Is this satisfying?” is a great question that helps you identify with uncanny speed whether you are on track or not.

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