Day 180: Nearing the Half Way Mark

So today is Day 180. As we approach the half way mark in my “Year of Blogging,” I feel a bit like a hiker at the top of a huge mountain: I made it to the top, and the rest of the journey gets me closer to home.

Whatever home is. I guess it’s Day 365, when I will have finished the whole year. I still don’t know exactly what I will do after that, though I am fairly sure I will be moving onto something else that will allow me to use my new-found creative acumen and confidence that I have developed in this daily blogging project.

In the meantime, one thing that I am noticing is that this blog is satisfying my daily urge to create. For one thing, I find that I have less need or desire to compose. After all, I have this post that I will be doing each day. I mean in this in a positive way: this blog seems to scratch the creative itch and keep it satiated.

Don’t get me wrong: I can absolutely create more whenever I want. Yet I find that I’m reasonably satisfied each day. It seems that the simple fact that I am writing something and then posting it does a lot of good for me creatively.

Another thing that I am enjoying about this process is that I feel I am strengthening my writing muscles. I have so much experience now—180 days to be exact–putting my thoughts down and then sharing them that day. This is great experience, because I am constantly “putting out” something. This is exactly what I was hoping for from this project.

A big part of doing this project has been about getting out of my way. When I started this, I figured that this structure would get me used to writing content and then sharing it. It has. On that note, it also helps that I am always flexible about what I write, and I don’t put any expectations on myself as far as “marketing” this or whatever. In fact, there has been a blessing inside of just going under the radar and doing this for no one in particular, and for no reason in particular other than creative expression and for my own personal benefit.

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