Day 160: I’m a patient man.

Wow. Day 160. I made it… holy cow… All the way to 160.

Only 205 more days…

Wait. What?! Are you fricking kidding me? I have 205 more days of this??

Yes you do. Hahahahaha! You’ll be writing blog posts for the rest of your natural life… Mwahahahaha…

Okay, but seriously. Yes, it feels like it’s been awhile. In a few weeks it will have been 6 months. Dang. I’m sort of kidding here, but I was struck in the last few days by how far I’ve come… and how much more I have to do to finish the 365 Days of Blogging.

I’ve written extensively about the process of doing this blogging project. In fact, as of this writing, there are 29 other posts specifically about this blogging project (look under categories on the right side of this page).

Every so often, it has been nice to stop and look down at my journey so far up the mountain that is the blogging project. I continue to find interesting things to write about. I continue to get benefit from a daily writing gig. I continue not to mind if I’m mainly writing for myself (and a few loyalists and sometime-supporters). I continue to see personal value out of this process. It is manifesting what I hoped for.

In someways, it is the most distinctive thing that came out of 2018. I think about last year, and I think of expanding my creative wings, trying out new things… and at the center of it, this blog 🙂

It feels like quite an accomplishment already.

My wife often marvels at how fast the year seems to go by. I’m the one who thinks, “Not for me. This year took its time.” That’s kind of how I feel about this blog.

I’ve done so much. And it has taken its time. There’s much more to go. Good thing I’m a patient man.

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