Day 144: How to Walk Freely in the World

On this Christmas morning, after opening our presents, my wife and I had an excellent discussion of what we saw for ourselves in 2019. In fact, she had the idea that we should sit down and write our thoughts out. What blossomed from this was inspiring.

One idea that became clear to me is the value of having experiences that bring us to vibrational high points. What they call “peak experiences.” You know what I’m talking about: that trip that is so fun, that hike in nature, maybe that movie or book or rock concert you go see. For me and my wife, going to empowering workshops also accomplishes this.

In fact, we met at one such empowering workshop. We were learning about ways of communicating with each other that involves real listening and getting what the other is saying, creating a condition for love and possibility. This has been the basis for our relationship, and obviously has helped every single day we’ve been together.

I have had many other personal breakthroughs at such events, including: the clarity to propose to my wife, clarity about becoming a piano teacher, clarity about adopting a regular exercise program (which I have stuck to nearly 11 years), and many other breakthroughs that have helped bring joy and workability to my life.

I am an extreme lover of empowering workshops. However, in the past, sometimes I got caught up in trying to please people involved in these programs. Sometimes I made choices that were not necessarily for me, or I did things because I believed other people’s claims or urgings, rather than fully checking in with myself to make sure that my choices were great for me. As I wrote in a previous post several months ago, there is an excellent saying from a book by Jack Canfield that goes, “Say no to the good, so you can say yes to the great.”

In the new year, I intend to become a master at this 🙂 This is giving me the confidence to know that I can walk in the world freely, able to say No when I mean it, and save my Yeses for those times that feel right. I find that I am very selective about what I give my energy to. I really care about choosing well.

I love going for those peak experiences, and I intend to accomplish that even more so in the new year. It will help when I don’t burden myself with things that don’t truly light up and inspire me. I made a decision a long time ago that I was going to march to the beat of my own drum. Sometimes, however, that ended up looking like marching by myself. There can be many benefits to this, but also limitations. The world is a wonderful, rich place, and feeling the freedom to walk in it, interacting with people who I admire and who inspire me, is part of what makes life great.

I declare my intention to walk freely in the world, trusting myself to be honest and authentic, and say Yes when I mean Yes, and say No when I mean No.

By the way, Merry Christmas! With thoughts like this on my mind, it is merry indeed.

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