Day 135: High-flying Student Redeemed

A little while ago, I wrote tearfully (or near to it) about the stresses that were coming up in a college class I have been taking. Now, this was certainly true: it did bring up some stresses, old associations with my challenging school days (there was a reason that, other than a few courses I took 8+ years ago, I haven’t looked back since I graduated from formal schooling with my BA a long time ago). I even took a few weeks away from the class after that post just to get my bearings. 

Maybe the break and all the hemming and hawing about it did me some good.  I ventured back into the class a few weeks ago, determined to have an open mind, and a new experience.   I believe this strategy has worked. The last few weeks have gone much better, in fact, I’ve enjoyed every class.  Tomorrow is our last class, and I daresay say, I am looking forward to it. 

I admit it. I’m probably guilty of academic pride.  You see, I have spent all day working on a project for that class: a portfolio featuring all this digital content I have created using my phone.  The portfolio includes video, and layout design, and art-ified pictures, funny pictures and inspirational ones.  I followed every instruction to the letter.  Yes, I am proud of it!

The creative/mental high I am feeling right now reminds me of so many times in my school days when I felt similar after an extended time focusing on a school project.  This highwas the positive side of all those years of study.   I have spent much of the past twelve hours working on this project.  At a certain point, you get on a roll, and you feel a mental high.  And it feels good!   It’s a little like spending all day reading a good book.  You get into that creative zone, the zone of thinking on a higher mental state or something.  I’m really not sure what it is, but I like it.

Anyway here it is, my work for the class:

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