Day 131: Dare to Be Yourself

Hello.  So tonight I am going to open up to more “insight.” I have called this “My Higher Self,” and maybe that’s what it is.  Or maybe it’s the natural result of tuning into inspiration.  Maybe it’s just like getting the inspiration for a new song or melody. 

For many years, I have done something called the Morning Pages: 3 pages of hand-written stream of consciousness, every morning (actually, for me it is every weekday morning, though sometimes I do it on weekends, too).  This habit has helped me grow a sense of confidence to just “shut off” the censor, so to speak, and allow the words to flow. I use this in my music compositions and songwriting as well.  It’s quite handy dandy.

Anyway, I’m going to do that right now, shut off and tune in, and we shall see what comes of it:

Hello, one and all.  It is so great to speak with you.  Chris has been so kind, so sensitive, and so attuned to open himself to this “inspired” voice that is always available to everyone but which very few people tune into fully.

Let’s talk about this a bit.  Why is it that so many of you do not tune into your inner voice?  Are you afraid? Are you completely ignorant of the power of your intuition? Are other people’s voices more interesting? Do you believe that your own intuition might be wrong? Do you not trust yourself?

Coming from our vantage point, we feel that usually, with so many of you, not tuning into your own intuition is more about doing what you see others doing, and not doing what you don’t see them doing.  If you do not see people tuning into their own intuition, you are less likely to do that yourself.  Also, many people have been taught that there is something wrong with listening to your own intuition.  Doing anything “Woo woo” is considered suspect, or at the very least, makes you weird.

Most people do not want to be considered weird.  And yet, by being more concerned about what other people think of them, they sacrifice a connection that could help them navigate easily through life with great joy.  Rather than looking within to find their own answers, many people think that they need to look outside of themselves.

This can often work when it is the direct response to inspiration.  When you feel inspired to move toward someone else, and you listen to their message or take their advice, when it feels good to you, and you act on it, you may think that you are doing what they want you to do. But in fact, you are listening to your own guidance, which is coming through them.  You are aligning with your higher guidance, and they are reflecting that answer or guidance that you seek.

Life can and will give you messages and intuitive hunches from any which way, when you are open to it.  It is already happening, and you are letting them in… some of the time.  Hopefully.  You can’t help it, even if you tried not to let it happen.  Some messages get through.

Yet such messages, such intuition, such inner knowing, is actually always available to you.  24/7.  365 days a year.  Every single day of the year, with no black out dates, no exceptions, and no closed store hours.  But you have to tune into it to find it.

Many people do not make this a priority.  And that is perfectly alright.  They are doing “ok” as they are.  They have not gotten to the point where it is too painful not to listen for that inner voice.

 I reached that point by the time I was twenty years old, where I could no longer ignore my happiness anymore.  It is this process that led me, ultimately, to “My Happiness Obsession.” 

I love what you are saying about people not tuning into their inner guidance.  I really get that this is absolutely okay, because people are the way they are, and we all get to be where we are, and all is well.  Yet many people may want to tune in to their guidance but get scared of what other people will think.  I had to break through my own fears of looking bad to even publish this blog, especially these extremely “woo woo” type posts.

Yes, indeed.  And yet here you are.  It is part of your evolution, and you didn’t want it any other way, because you are now Here at this place, ready for expansion, and this is what it looks like for you.  You are allowing yourself to be where you are, and to express that honestly, and openly.  That is a marvelous thing, an uncommon thing.  Not because it makes you somehow better than others in anyway, but because you are expressing who you are right now, not holding it back or censoring it because you are worried about what other people think.

True, that is quite true.  And I used to be like that.  When I first started “My Happiness Obsession,” I was quite wound up about this.  I mean, I posted those early pieces, but it was scary.  Now it’s just “what I do.”  And yes, you are right, I get to “be myself.” This has created a profound shift in me the past few months.  I no longer feel that I am hiding in some way. 

Wow, I just remembered how much of a great transformational process this blog has been! How far I have come.

It is so “normal” to hide, for so many people.  Yet it is not satisfying.  As the saying goes, “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  There is a “Bigger” self that beckons you, yet in order to allow that, you may have to risk the possibility of looking weird or having some people not understand you, maybe even criticize you.  That is how it has been throughout history with all people you might consider “great.”  There were people who did not understand them, and yet they persisted in being themselves, in following that inner voice, and listening to its dictates.

If you simple go about life being yourself, doing what is natural for you, true for you, what feels right for you, you will feel happy.  And the right people will understand what you are about, and will encourage and support you.  The biggest secret is that those people, those people who understand you, are all you “need.” You do not “need” the people whose support you crave.  It is a survival instinct gone amok, in a sense, that makes you sacrifice your own individuality to appease the nameless crowd, for fear of what “they” might think.

Wow. Those are some powerful philosophical words there.  And I see the truth of them.  Thank you very much.

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