Day 97: The Playful Spirit is CoMIng OUt!

I am happy to say that these days I am enjoying a greater sense of freedom to be playful.  I am starting to give myself permission, and I am really loving it.  This blog has definitely been a part of that, as I have brought play out many times with the rhymes, the poetry, etc.

The truth is, I’m a complete goofball.  This is something I spent many years trying to hide while suffering through school, and then as an adult, the tendency to take everything really seriously seemed to be ever-present.  After all, I am a classically-trained musician, and the world of classical is nothing if not SERIOUS.

Eh.  Whatever.  I like being playful.  I like having fun.  It’s more… fun!

Another cool thing about this new attitude is that I’m no longer so concerned about how I am perceived.  Before it was like this:  “Am I an entertainer, or an educator?  Am I classical musician or a rapper?  Am I a blogger or a businessman?  Am I funny or am I smart?”

Yeah, that’s a way to drive yourself crazy!  I don’t recommend such Either/Or type thinking.  It’s a false and simplistic notion to try to define yourself too closely.  I’m through with that ish, it sucketh the big and lousy one.

What’s really cool is that I am starting to open up those figurative boxes in the back closet labelled “My Music,” and I am really loving the newly liberated, playful spirit with which I’m going at it.

After all, wasn’t the whole point all along fun, joy, and play?  I mean, isn’t that why we came here?  I certainly think it’s why I’m here.  Now I see it.


DISCLAIMER:  Yes, I realize this post is way short.  I don’t think anyone else cares but the part of me that is keeping tabs on myself, making sure I’m “doing enough” for each post.  Whoops… I guess a part of me is still capable of being tightly-wound and rigid.  Well phew!  That’s a relief… I wouldn’t want to be too liberated now, would I?  Er, on second thought…

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