Day 78: Refutation (Original Rap)

I recently had someone give their opinion of how they think I should run this blog, and it was messing with my mind a little bit.  But I know that I just need to keep trusting my own instincts and run with what I think is best, and it has taken me this far, so I’m not gonna stop now.

And so, a rap poem about it.  This gets to the heart of one reason I created this 365 Day Blogging Project in the first place… to overcome fear of criticism:



Today another rhyme, since I think it’s high time

that I apply my mind to this thought sublime,

whether it is a crime to give myself permission

to this free expression no matter anyone else’s reaction?

Whether it is okay for me to be free,

and to be who I need to be no matter how it seems

whether you or he or she disagrees?

Whether I get to be myself, and heed myself,

Or do I need to cling to the shelf because somebody else

might find me uncongeniable?  Do I need to be a fool

weak as a tool who needs to cling to old rules

where he needs to hide? Do I not have my own inner guide?

Is that worth a sense of pride that I can ride

by my own rules alone?  Or am I some clone

who moans and groans if his own thoughts are ever known

when they differ from others?   Am I some drone who whimpers and suffers

and gives into the whispers and mutters from those who don’t get what he utters?

Am I supposed to change who I am if you think I am strange or a sham?

Should I lock myself away like a clam or held at bay in a damn

if I don’t like what you say of my jam?

Cannot I now stay in my power, stand up straight like a tower,

not be afraid of the sourest way that you glower?

I was made for this hour, and I don’t think I shall relent

It would not help my intent to stray from the way that I meant

this process to go, I’m loving the flow,

I’m not gonna give up or go home just because someone else might not

approve of my process fully.  This is me and this is how I’ve gotta be,

and I’m not gonna wobble, see, or issue an apology

or exhibit false modesty, when I can only do things honestly,

That’s all I’ve got: my own thoughts, my own mind,

my own opinions, my own perspective, my own wisdom,

my own perceptions, my own sense of right and wrong,

I know now where I belong, and it is singing my own song,

And that’s what I gotta do, sorry, but if it bothers you




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