Day 68: Money is an Energy!

Just today I happened upon some notes that I “wrote” down a week ago about money.  I say “wrote” in quotes like that because I didn’t remember writing them, and they have that unusual air about them that doesn’t really seem like my normal thinking.  It indicates that I was in an inspired place or possibly channeling from My Higher Self (which if you have been reading my posts you know that I have been mentioning quite a lot).  I am beginning to think that these two things may be one and the same.  That is, being inspired and channeling from a higher place.

Anyway, I will start today by sharing the notes I discovered today.  They are really quite cool!


Higher Self: Money is an energy. You want to treat it like an energy. Don’t treat it like a “thing.” When you treat it like a thing, you try to contain it, put a rubber stamp on it, and file it in a drawer somewhere. This squelches the energy, it makes it helpless, it makes it heavy.
There is nothing wrong with keep good records. Yet it’s the way in which you do it that matters. Just as for a novelist, there is nothing wrong with penning down the story, it’s not what you write down, it’s how you do it.
Think about your purpose in keeping money logs. What is that purpose? Why do you keep logs?

Me: Um, I do it so that I can keep track of my money. I mean, I do it because it helps me make sure that everything gets paid for, to avoid not paying or coming up short, I do it also to keep track of my progress.

HS: And does it satisfy you to do this?

Me: Well, i mean, tracking the money is usually satisfying. But I mean, tracking the income, I dunno, man, that can be a mixed bag I guess, not sure why.

HS: A mixed bag, meaning not fully satisfying, because what is satisfying about filing and putting the rubber stamp on the money and then having it there, stale, and the whole thing is just squashing the energy. But if you keep the energy flowing, if you focus on energy, and not on numbers, you will see the numbers begin to rise. Like a rising tide, just sit and enjoy the ocean, the levels will take care of themselves.

Me: Well, surely I get what you are saying. I do. I mean, right now I just got some more money, and I felt good. I felt in the flow. I appreciated it a lot. And it made me wonder about this, about how I can be with my money that will feel good, feel satisfying.
I am open.

HS: Good. we feel that in you. So to stay open, focus on energy. Focus on flow. Appreciate flow, adopt flow, go into flow. There is nothing wrong with recording the numbers, but don’t forget the energy behind them. That is more important. All matter is energy, all of life is energy. Energy is what is important. Numbers signal energy that’s all. They aren’t the same as energy.

Me: Hmm. Very interesting. Thank you I will definitely take that in.

I looked at this today and I immediately recognized something not of the ordinary. So now I would like to continue the discussion a little bit.  Here goes:

I love your words about money being an energy.  It is really inspiring.  I love the idea of treating money more like energy, and less like a “thing.”  I can’t say I fully understand it yet, but I see it’s implications.  Help me better understand how to do this.

It is easy.  You just trust.  You just allow.  You just let go of what your conscious brain thinks about things.  It is like going into the grocery store and thinking that the only thing that is going on is a monetary transaction, when there is sooo much more going on.  Think about it:  you are interacting with other shoppers, you are interacting with the clerk, you are putting your energy in the store, you are showing up, and your energy is impacting the store.  Ever been in a store with an unpleasant person there, or a wild person, and felt uncomfortable?  That is the power of one person.  On the other hand, if you’ve been around someone who is really synced up with their inner power, it is a glorious feeling.  And that makes you want to go back to that store.

Yeah, that is a really good point.  I guess I probably have gotten caught up in the numbers too much.  But you are right, being in any place of business where I will be spending money, there is an energy that I bring to the process, it’s not just the dollar transaction.  It’s my mood or energy.  That makes sense.

I think I got really confused about this topic at a young age.  I was probably around people who were turning money into this thing, this weighty, heavy thing, like you said not to do.  So I learned to do it too.

That is very common in your world because so many people are aware of the power of money.  They see what it does to people.  They see how much it controls people.  Yet they do not see the power behind the power of money.  That power is the power that creates worlds.  What creates the “power of the pocketbook?” Don’t you think there could be a bigger power at work here than the human-made power of money?

Uh sure.  I think so.  Money is a tool.  I mean, it matters for sure, yet it is a tool, and consciousness comes first, I guess.

Money is a force, the result of your agreement reality in which it is valued as a thing of exchange.  In that sense, it looks like a thing, it acts like a thing.  But what is that thing?  That thing is energy.  The energy to move people, to motivate people to act, to convince people of your intent.  “Put your money where your mouth is.” It is the energy of trust between people.  And that is constantly in flux, just as your currencies are constantly in flux.  The dollar of today is not what it was 30 years ago.  You call that inflation, but that could just as easily be called the accumulated effects of 30 years of energy exchange between people, between governments, and between nations.

Woooah.  That is some heavy stuff.  Very interesting.  That probably goes a bit beyond what I’m hoping to accomplish with this blog post.  I just want to have a satisfying and happy relationship with the stuff, and would love it if this inspires others as well to do the same 🙂

And you shall.  When you learn to give up thinking of it as “stuff.” When you stop giving it so much weight, so much hardness and thickness and heaviness that it feels like this big deal.  If you did that to your relationships they would be dead in the water.  Lightness of being is an energy.  Be light about it, and you will understand what we are talking about.

Hmm, well I like that idea a lot.  I think it is the opposite of how most of the world operates around money, but then again, most of the world isn’t wealthy.

Thanks for the discussion!

Anytime, Chris.  You are on the right path with this discussion, and printing it here gives it the opportunity to impact other people, which can help create a new conversation and reality about it.

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