Day 58: Living with Joy (Part 2)

Hello, hello, hello! Today’s topic is a continuation of yesterday.  It is about living with joy… part 2, if you will 😉

Joy is sometimes misunderstood in this world.  People sometimes think that people are doing awful things in the name of joy.  For example, if someone does something violent to another and then laughs about it, they are feeling joyful, are they not?  It would appear so.

Yet you don’t really know what is going on their world to create that reaction that looks like joy to you.  Compared to the pain they may have been feeling, being aggressively violent with another seem like an improvement.  Because it may offer some temporary relief from the sense of powerlessness they otherwise feel.  It may be a relief from the suppressed rage and hopelessness and despair that they have been feeling.  So in a sense, it may be more joyful than complete despair… but that is different than true joy.

True joy does not cause people to do things which harm others.  True joy results in a vibration of happiness that makes other’s happy as well… at least, those who are open to it.  True joy includes and empowers others.  Violence that harms others is more a product of rage, not joy.  It may give someone a cathartic sense of power, but it is often short-lived, and it is only truly possible when someone disconnects themselves from another.  As such, rageful acts are not truly joyful acts.

Joy is inclusive.  Joy creates connection.  Joy involves others, accepts others, and is kind to others.  When a person is truly smiling inside, they are going to shine a light on others that empowers and delights them (again, as long as the person receiving this is open to joy in that moment).

Do not be afraid of being joyful!  Do not be afraid of other people being joyful.  Allow yourself, and others, to be joyful.  Encourage true joy, a kind of internal joy that makes someone laugh from the belly and delight in the beauty around them.  Look for experiences that indicate true joy: Joy, Happiness, Contentment, Enthusiasm, Curiosity, Openness, Acceptance, Tolerance, Patience, Allowing, Gratitude, Satisfaction, Love.  These are words which inherently lead one along a joyful path.

Contrary to the movies, which show villains laughing and smiling as they commit atrocious acts, truly joyful people leave a positive footprint on the world around them.  They are conscientious, attentive, and aware of others.  Empathetic and considerate, they want other people to smile just as they do.  They naturally desire to help others, because they know that by doing so, they bring more joy to their environment, which comes back to them.

When you start to look, you will be able to distinguish true joy from a smiling mask which looks like joy but is actually cruelty, anger, or rage.  True joy is innocent, wide-eyed, and happy.  It does not protect itself, defend against others, mistrust or react to others.  True joy is inherently creative, which means it is in the moment.  It is not hampered by the past, or focused on the negative.  It is not committing revenge or making up for past wrongs.  It is totally content in the present moment, with no need for salvation, validation, forgiveness, or absolution.  It already is perfect, whole, and complete.

True joy is us as we were meant to be.  True joy hugs those who need it, cares for those who need it, and knows when to let go of those who need it.  True joy does not make requirements of others.  It cheers on others to find their own path.  It is inherently liberating.

Learn to see the world through the eyes of true joy and you will realize how blessed we all are.  Life is a blessing.  When you experience joy, it means you are in touch with this fact.

Remember that the next time you are happy.

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