Day 24: Who Am I Writing This For?

Well, I have gotten through over 3 weeks of this blog.  I think perhaps my focus is starting to shift from merely getting this done, to using this as an effective platform of communication that will reach people.

So I just opened up my WordPress dashboard for this site, determined to write today’s post, and the VERY first thing I looked for:  “Is there a comment for me?” I felt like a rat looking for the cheese fix in the maze.

It’s an interesting thing about this 365 Day blogging project.  On the one hand, it’s me writing by myself, each day rain or shine, without regard to the result of the quality of the writing, the subject matter, or the response from others.  On the other hand, it is REALLY nice to see the positive response from others .   The few people who have commented on these posts so far (and, by the way, making all nice comments) have basically got me hooked: so each time I go on here, that is the first thing I’m looking for.

It’s funny how a little positive reinforcement can be so powerful.  I have been publishing online material for many years now, and so I know how this goes.  I am comfortable enough “just doing it anyway” regardless of the response, yet it is REALLY when I see that others are digging what I’m doing.

This is not merely me writing in a journal or something.  To me, doing this blog is like showing up for work.  Though my topics may very from day to day, I like to think that there can be something interesting, refreshing, or inspiring for others to read.  Although I’m doing the project for myself, I always have in mind an intended audience of interested readers.  Otherwise, what would be the point?

So what I’m saying is, to all interested readers, I welcome your positive comments and/or suggestions on what you would enjoy hearing about on this blog.  Because I really am doing this project for you.


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