Day 17: Enjoying the Flow

I had a great weekend.  Here’s what I did (in chronological order):

  • We hosted our own backyard movie night, with numerous friends, neighbors, and students in attendance.
  • I played piano for a musical comedy rehearsal at the Comedy Spot.
  • I attended a recording session for the band I coached for the Stairway to Stardom program
  • I was interviewed on the “Off the Chain” podcast with Yvonne Mason.  She played three of my piano pieces on air (“Sweet at Home,” “The Bravest Kitten in the World,” and “Winter Glass”), and was so complementary of me that I was moved and even a little embarrassed (but in a good way).
  • I had a nice writing session hanging out with my wife at a cafe.
  • I took an 8 1/2 mile run with my good friend Dave Clark.
  • I taught several piano students
  • I attended a memorial for a former student of mine.  The circumstances may not have been pleasant, but on the other hand, the memorial was held at a local blues venue, The Torch Club, and we enjoyed hearing some fine live music, and the company was generally quite cheerful.
  • I met up with a singer and house concert enthusiast for possible future collaborations.
  • I interviewed a guest for the Artist Mindset podcast.

Not bad for a 48 hour period (Friday night to Sunday night)!

Yet when I think about it, it just seems natural that when one is in the flow, good things keep happening.  Not that it always has to show up in a long list of diverse activities.  I could just as easily have a great weekend of reading, writing, and watching movies.

The point is, I aim as much as possible to be in the zone, having a good time, being engaged in things I like doing.  If this weekend is any indication, I’m glad to see my efforts are paying off.




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