Day 14: Not looking back

One thing I like about this daily blogging thing is that I don’t have to obsess over the results of each post.  In fact, I don’t have to concern myself at all with the results of each post.  Whether people read it or not, comment or not, like it or not, or some other outcome where I’m thinking “about me”…  it’s irrelevant to the project at hand (Although it’s not actually irrevelant to me personally).

I do aim to make these posts interesting so that other people will want to read and will enjoy them.  Also, I do enjoy getting comments from friends and supporters (and find myself checking for them whenever I’m on here).  And yet, the project, as I have set out to do, is about POSTING EACH DAY.  That’s the project.  As long as I do that, I am succeeding!

I personally know what it can be like to overthink things, where videos and posts and emails can all seem to require a lot of keeping score of “how I’m doing.”  This has especially been true in my business and marketing.  It tends to be about how many people open, how many people responded, how many people liked it, how many people bought, etc…  As important as this can be for business, it can be tiresome for a hard-working, well-intending, perfectionistic type like Yours Truly, or for creative types also like Yours Truly.  It can easily lead to overthinking, which slows down productivity, which no doubt yields fewer of the things that all that tracking is supposed to create!

Ironically, being overly concerned about numbers CAN. INTERFERE. WITH. ACHIEVING. THEM.  I’ve certainly experienced that.  And so, this blogging project is delightfully free of such things.  I simply type up the post, as I am right now, do some edits if needed, press publish, share on Facebook (as I am accustomed to doing), and… VOILA!  Complete blog-eroni pizza, fresh from the oven.

No need for obsession.  No need for overthinking.  No need for looking back.

After all, I have another post to do tomorrow.  And the next day.  And the next.


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