Day 9: Playing the Consistency Game

Today is Day 9 of my 365 Day Blogging Project.  That means I have blogged for 8 straight days.  That might not seem like a whole lot yet, but I’m sure it’s already a record for me.  So far, the project is having the desired benefit: getting me to write something each day and share it. I have even gotten some nice surprises along the way: a few nice comments from others, both on the blog and to me personally.  I’m not expecting any particular reaction from people, yet it is nice when people respond positively.

One of the things that is appealing about this structure is that, inherently, I don’t need to worry about the response I get.  Since I know that I am blogging every day, rain or shine, there’s sort of a shielding from petty concerns.  The knowledge that I am blogging each day helps me side-step mechanisms of over-thinking that could sometimes be an issue.  Old, broken questions like “Am I posting too much?” or “What if people think this is stupid?” become moot because I have to blog each day no matter what.

Thank you, Universe, for a structure that helps me get out of my own way!

So long for now.

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