Reaching for Satisfaction: Creativity Edition

Since starting up this blog again ten days ago–actually, for several months now–I have been thinking about what, exactly, this blog means to me. More importantly, whether I’m blogging or doing something else creatively, I have been searching for what I want to do next. It may turn out to be blogging specifically. It may turn out to be another kind of writing project, like writing a book. It may be a music project. Either way, it will be a satisfying creative project 🙂

The 365 Day Blogging Project was such a project. While I got satisfaction from my shorter periods of daily writing (back in April and June of this year, for instance), these didn’t match the personal thrill of achieving the goal of 365 days of continuous posting.

Yet that achievement was unique at a time when I had never done such a thing. To some extent, I think I have been attempting to recreate the meaning of the 365 Day Project with these shorter stints. I realize that I can’t. Nor why should I try?

Doing more daily blogging this month does not exactly feel like a “project” on the order of the 365 Days However, it is an outlet for me to explore this ideas, so it will do.

Speaking of satisfying projects (creative or otherwise), I have had numerous satisfying projects (some ongoing) in the past few years:

  • Writing music for the high school production of “Frankenstein” last fall.
  • Writing the songs for an (as-yet unproduced) musical with my friend, Matthew Walker
  • My ongoing running/exercise life 🙂
  • My regular reading
  • Law of Attraction Mastery 🙂

Though I do feel a bit like I’m sitting at the train station unsure of which line to hop on next, I am confident that the next step will reveal itself.

Inspiration always does.

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